To be eligible to apply for an HGV Licence, you need to have a full Driving Licence (Category B). The HGV Licence enables you to operate larger vehicles (above 3.5 tonnes) in the following categories: C, C+E, C1 and C1+E. You will require additional training which builds on your existing driving skills.

A medical is required in order to drive a vehicle between 3.5 and 7.5 tonne, small or medium lorry or full sized lorry (HGV & LGV) (C, C1+E or C+E).

New Drivers
You need a medical to obtain your provisional licence.

45 years and older
You need a medical every 5 years until the age of 65.

65 years and older
You need a medical annually from the the age of 65.

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Select your preferred date and time and we will send you an appointment confirmation after completing your booking. Your appointment confirmation will contain relevant information about your medical. Alternatively, you can call us to book your appointment.

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  • D4 medical form or Taxi medical form. You can print your taxi medical form from the council’s website. If you need a D4 form you can Download Here 
  • Driving licence or passport to confirm your identity.
  • Driving glasses and recent prescription from optician. If you wear contact lenses, you will need to be able to remove them so please bring spare lenses or glasses.
  • List of current medication including dose and start date
  • Any relevant hospital notes and discharge summaries
  • For Taxi or Private Hire Medicals, please ask your GP to print out your full medical history and bring it with you to your appointment.

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment to allow the you to be fully relaxed prior to being seen by the doctor.

It is important to avoid rushing to your appointment as this may affect your blood pressure reading and cause it to be higher than normal and potentially failing your medical.

It is important that you arrive on time for your appointment but if you are unavoidably late, contact our office and our doctor will try to fit you in. Please be aware that this may mean a significant delay; you may have to wait until the end of the clinic.

We expect to complete your medical within 15 minutes but for those with complex medical histories, it may take longer. To account for delays, we recommend you allow an hour for your appointment. We advise you not to book any urgent appointments on the morning or afternoon of your medical.

Our doctor will confirm your identity and conduct a full medical during your appointment.

Your medical will include a thorough medical history and an assessment of your physical health. The doctor will take a blood pressure reading which complies with DVLA criteria and conduct an eye test using a DVLA approved Snellen chart.

We will conduct a vision assessment based on DVLA Group 2 standards. We will refer you to your optician if you are unable to meet the DVLA Group 2 standard. Your optician will be able to re-assess your vision, provide correction and complete the vision assessment section of the D4 form. Once your form has been completed you can submit it to the DVLA.

If you are worried about meeting the DVLA Group 2 vision requirements, we urge you to first visit your optician for an eye test, and your optician will complete the eye section of the D4 form.

We recommend that you have your eyes tested before your medical appointment and please take your D4 form with you for your optician to complete.

Drivers with complete loss of vision in one eye cannot be licensed to drive an HGV.

Exception (‘grandfather rights’)

Must have been awarded a Group 2 bus and lorry licence before 1 January 1991, with the monocularity declared before this date.

If your blood pressure is found to be high our doctor will check it a few more times and may advice you to see your GP for further management.

You will be able to re-book a free appointment after you have been reviewed by your GP.

The DVLA or your council will inform you of their decision – our doctors have no control over this and can only gather information. If our doctor notes anything that they feel may lead to a failed medical they will discuss this with you. Our doctors do not make the decision on your fitness to drive.

Your D4 form remains valid for 4 months from the date it was completed by the doctor.

However, we do recommend that D4 forms are submitted as early as possible just in case there are delays in processing your application.

Please send your completed application forms (D4 form and D2 form) to the DVLA using the return envelope provided.

We make every effort to avoid this but sometimes it does happen. If the DVLA have returned your form, you will receive a letter explaining why. Please scan or take a photograph of this letter and send or email it to our office straight away. We will have the form corrected as soon as possible. You will not be charged for further consultation.

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You can book your driver medical easily by clicking the Book Now button.

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